What The Nigerian LGBTQ Community Must Learn From The Stonewall Riot

The Stonewall Riot

The Stonewall riot was a series of event, often referred to as the Stonewall uprising or the Stonewall rebellion. You might not have known about this revolution, but it is one of the significant events in history that paved the way for the freedom of the LGBTQ community in America.

Gay-friendly America you know today wasn’t the same in the 90s. The gay community faced an anti-gay legal system that deterred them from being who they are or expressing their human right. It was regarded as a mental illness and as thus, anyone found with such feelings is admitted to a mental asylum and in a worse case, killed.

These horrors continued for years until the community said ENOUGH!

The stonewall riot began the early hours of June 28, 1969, when the New York police stormed the stonewall inn, a renowned gay club in Greenwich Village, New York City. This raid didn’t go well with the bar patrons, residents and gays and within a blink, riot kicked off. The protest and violence with the law enforcement agencies lasted for six days.

This riot served as a trigger for the gay rights movements in the United States and everywhere in the world.

The Nigerian LGBTQ Community

The rights of gays in America and other LGBTQ gay-friendly countries wasn’t given on a platter of gold. They fought tooth and nail for its actualization. They never pretended to be straight, nor were they scared about what family and friends will think.

Unfortunately, most Nigerian gays are waiting for Trump to come down to Nigeria and fight for them, or for gays in America to be hauled down to Nigeria to protest. That can never happen. Rights aren’t given; they are taken. If Nigeria must embrace the LGBTQ community, the community has to grab posters and matched to the frontline. They have to voice out to the hearing of everyone that they are human and deserve love and respect.

The Stonewall riot of 1969 was a catalyst for the gay movement in the USA, what is ours gonna be?


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