What It Takes To Live In Nigeria As An LGTBQ Member

What It Takes To Live In Nigeria As An LGTBQ Member

One of the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone is falling in love and been supported by friends and family. However, the case is different when it comes to living as an LGBTQ+ member in Nigeria. To survive in Nigeria, either as a gay, lesbian, transsexual, etc. warrants that you grow a very thick skin, or you succumb to depression.

On 13th, January 2014, Nigeria former president, Goodluck Jonathan passed into law the same-sex marriage prohibition act. What that entails is that every form of sexual intercourse involving the same gender was criminalized and punishable by law. Under the sharia law, it is punishable by death.

The signing of that bill was the beginning of hostility toward members of the LGBTQ in Nigeria. In cases whereby two people of the same gender are found in an inappropriate position, they are immediately lynched by angry Nigerians, stripped naked and in extreme cases, burnt alive.

Fear is an understatement when describing the horror LGBTQ members pass through in an intolerant country such as Nigeria. To remain safe, they live in hiding, dying with a feeling they never choose. In other to fulfill the societal expectation, many ends up married with someone they had no feelings for.

The cause of this injustice

Many homophobes are of the notion that LGBTQ members choose to be gay. Some believe it is unnatural since it doesn’t support procreation. Others believe gayism is evil since their religion forbid such an association. However, the primary cause of this injustice is plain ignorance. If there could be awareness where members of the society are educated about the diverse human sexuality, they will surely grow some tolerance.

Future of LGBTQ members in Nigeria

Although the current situation of LGBTQ members in Nigeria is horrendous, there sure is the hope of a better future. The only barrier to that rainbow dream is time. The coming generation will be more tolerant. The coming generation will know better. The coming age will not judge one by his sexuality, but by the content of his character. For now, members of the community are opting for LGBTQ friendly countries.

If you are financially buoyant and you can’t wait to live your dream, then plan. There are numerous LGBTQ members in gay-friendly countries, living their dream to the fullness. They never allowed a mere border to limit them. You too can have that dream if you plan and work toward it!


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