Top Gay-Friendly Hospitals In Nigeria

Top Gay-Friendly Hospitals In Nigeria
Top Gay-Friendly Hospitals In Nigeria

Historically, the LGBTQ community have been pathologized and marginalized by medical and mental health communities. Many were subjected to conversion therapy programs and shock therapy. In Nigeria, they are sent to numerous pastors for deliverance.

In hospitals, they are looked at with total disdain. This discrimination has led to many LGBTQ communities, especially in Nigeria, to die in silence without seeking medical help whenever it is a need.

The country is yet to become tolerant of LGBTQ rights; there has also been no improvement in the establishment of LGBTQ hospitals. Thanks to homophobia in the medical system, many community members are afraid to seek medical help, with fear that their sexuality will be exposed.

They fear of being judged or disgraced when it comes to accessing healthcare. There has been numerous incident where the doctor screamed at the gay patient that he would burn in hell. Some, however, try to admonish and ply on the emotions of the gay patient. Most preach about how abnormal and evil the lifestyle is as if it’s a choice. These and many others have led many gays in Nigeria into suicide, self-harm, and hate for oneself.

If you are gay and in Nigeria, you no longer need to be afraid. Not anymore! We now have gay-friendly hospitals here in Nigeria where you can receive quality health care without judgment or discrimination. Although they are not yet public allies, be assured that you will never be treated like a disease by the doctor or the nurses.

1. Population Council Sexual Health Access

The first gay-friendly hospital on the list is Population Council, here in Lagos. They work to improve the sexual health of vulnerable young adolescent in Nigeria.

  • Address: No. 6c Irete, Off Montgomery Rd, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Phone Number: 08148662220

2. TIERs Lekki

The initiative of Equal Rights Nigeria is a Nigerian based registered NGO that works on protecting and promoting the rights of sexual minorities in Nigeria. Depending on the kind of health issues, you might be given free medical care. If you are in Lagos, get in contact as soon as possible.

  • Address: 1B, Godson Ilodianya Close, Off Ayo Babatunde Crescent, by Akiogun Rd, Oniru, Lekki, Lagos
  • Phone Number: 08099111134

3. 68 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital

Here is another unique gay-friendly hospital where you can receive quality health care without judgment. You can walk in proud that you are gay and you will be well attended to.

  • Address: Military Hospital, Igbobi. Close to Yaba, Lagos
  • Phone Number: None


International Center for Advocacy on Rights to Health is the first of its kind here in Abuja, Nigeria. Their vision is to ensure that persons, no matter their sexual orientation, have access to sound health care services.

5. Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance International (HAI) started working in Nigeria in 2009, with the aim of bringing quality health care to the country’s most stigmatized group. Members of the LGBTQ community, sex workers and people who use drugs.

Address: Found House 33A, 4th Avenue, Gwarimpa II estate, Abuja.

So far, the organizations, as mentioned above, offers quality healthcare services to people of the LGBTQ community here in Nigeria. You no longer need to be afraid of meeting homophobic doctors or nurses. You will be given treatment without care about your sexual orientation.

Do you know of any healthcare in Nigeria that is friendly to the LGBTQ community in Nigeria? Use the comment box and tell us.


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