Top 5 Gay Dating Apps For Nigerian Men

Top 5 Gay Dating Apps For Nigeria Men

Top 5 Gay Dating Apps For Nigeria Men

When it comes to hooking up with members of the LGBTQ community in Nigeria, it has to be done discreetly to avoid outing yourself by accident. Being gay in an intolerant country is hell. The last thing you will probably do is walking up to a guy you have a crush on. That would be the quickest way of receiving the beating of your life.

Thanks to dating sites, you can now hookup with like minds without fear of being lynched or exposed. However, you still have to be very careful since there exist gay hunters in the country. Always trust your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable about a user, don’t visit. If he is persuasive and mounting pressure about the meeting, block him. It’s all for your safety.

Here are top dating apps for Nigerian gay men

1. Grindr

Almost every gay man all around the world knows about Grindr. But many keep worrying about the overwhelming fake profiles. It’s hard finding some Nigerian users who use his real picture. Should they be blamed? Not at all. Grindr was launched in 2009 and since then, has been a dating tool to many LGBTQ members. When you sign up, the app suggests profiles of people who are very close to you. If you want to see more suggestion, you either migrate to the XTRA account or watch an ad.

2. Hornet

Hornet is an awesome gay dating app that is easy to navigate and use. Although you will encounter some ads, useful articles and videos have proved helpful to lots of users. Just like Grindr, it is a location-based app. It tries to match you with users close to your location. If you are single and ready to date, Hornet might be a place to start.

3. 2go

Although many think that 2go is now outdated, many members of the community keep using this excellent app to hook up with fellow community members. About seven years ago, it was the number one app for gay hookups. But because the creators found it hard to grow, other dating apps overtook. Although this dating app isn’t solely dedicated to gay men, it has a room dedicated to gays. It is effortless to sign up and use. To chat in rooms, you will need a GOcredit.

Top 5 Gay Dating Apps For Nigeria Men

4. Tinder

Tinder is not new in the dating world. It is probably the top dating app in the world. One of its uniqueness is easy of finding matches. It is for all and sundry, irrespective of your sexual orientation. Although it isn’t yet trendy here in Nigeria, it is still a nice place to explore and hook up with community members.

5. Scruff

Many are of the notion that Scruff is a better alternative to Grindr. It has been in the dating world as long as Grindr. If you crave for muscular guys, this is the app to use. If you are looking for a date, then Scruff is the best place since it is hookup orientated.

These apps are great when it comes to hooking up with community members. Always remember to play safe. Also, try as much as possible to meet people not too far away. Traveling out of your state to meet a stranger is always not advisable. But if you must, make sure you tell a friend. Do you know of other gay dating apps?

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