Top 10 Ways To Tell Someone Is Gay

Top 10 Ways To Tell Someone Is Gay

Top 10 Ways To Tell Someone Is Gay

A lot of people often wonder if there is a great giant sign that shows that someone is gay. For Nigerian gays, these hints will go a long way since the country is intolerant. Walking up to a fellow dude to profess your love is the quickest way to receive the beating of your life. So, that option is not an option at all.

Every gay has a spider tingle, something that tings off the moment a gay is within the radar. It is called Gaydar. Although some have a very poor gaydar, some gays have a very active one. They can simply tell that someone is gay by looking into his eyes.

Well, if you don’t have that active gaydar yet, these tips will guide you on how to spot a gay at first glance. It doesn’t matter if it’s in school, church or camp. You can identify a gay if you know the signs to look for.

1. Avoids dating a girl

There are lots of gay guys who have girlfriends as camouflage. So, having a girlfriend is not really proof that he is straight. He might be hiding a lot of skeletons in his cupboard. But if you come across someone who doesn’t have a girlfriend and shows no interest in having one. That might be a subtle sign that he might be gay.

2. Homophobic attitude

If he is homophobic, that is another great sign that he is yet to accept his sexuality and still dealing with his inner feelings. Someone who frequently lashes out to the LGBTQ community or gays should be monitored closely, there is a huge chance he might be gay. You should not try to crush on those anyway, keeping a distance will be best. It isn’t your job to fix their internalized homophobia.

3. Conscious of looks

Men are known to be rough and unconcerned about how they often look. They can go a week without the mirror. But if someone is particularly interested in how he looks, and how people see him. if he is always working on his hair, eyebrows, skin and clothing. You have to pay close attention. He might either be gay or bisexual.

4. Check browser history

This might be too extreme, but if you are really determined to know if someone is gay, then take a look at his browser history. You are most likely to see gay sites he has visited. If he is smart, you might fail to find any evidence as he will always clear his history or visit in incognito mode.

5. Drunk state

When someone is drunk, he let his guard down and can spill out the most dangerous of all secrets. Not only will they talk freely about their innermost feelings, but they also get all touchy and explicit in their affection toward men. If you want to find out if he is gay, come around when he is drunk.

6. Gay voice

Have you ever heard a gayish voice? Have you ever heard the statement, “You sound gay”? well, there is this manner that gays tend to speak, which often gave them away. However, not everyone has this special gay voice ability. One feature of the speech is known as “gay lisp”

7. Shy around other men

No one is shyer than a gay man in the midst of other hot guys. He suddenly gets scared, fidgeting and clumsy. If you have someone like that, who can’t even talk without being awkward, that is a sign he might be gay. Most times, he might not even know how to grab a firm handshake.

8. Lots of female friends

Does he have more female friends than the male? It is probably because he feels more at home with his kind than his potential male crushes. Fact is, out of these numerous female friends, none is a girlfriend. They can gossip, talk about male celebrity crushes without feeling weird. If you know such a person, chances are he might be gay.

9. A lot of guy talk

Does he talk a lot about guys? Perhaps that guy in class, in church, in that club? If he is constantly talking about these male species, especially the cute ones, chances are that he might be gay, but doesn’t know how to come out. This is a sign you shouldn’t throw away.

10. Effeminate

Not all effeminate guys are gays, but that is a great sign to look out for. Does he talk in a girlish manner? Watch the hands while he speaks, does he use them more often? Watch those lips, also the eyes. Does he remind you of your sister? Hahaha… that can be a great sign. What about how he walks, have you check that out? Now check it out. Ahhhh.. if that walk is somehow girlish, that can be the sign you have been looking for.

But there is a problem with this sign, not all effeminate guys are gays, and not all macho masculine men are straight.


Despite all the above hints, the hard truth is, he might still come out not being gay. Those signs can be misleading and are not ultimatum. If you want to find out if truly he is gay, there is no harm in asking. If you are indeed a friend and he is comfortable with you, he might open up. Whatever happen, be as supportive as you can. Being gay is beautiful!


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