Top 10 Gay Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Gay Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Gay Movies Of All Time

We all know that the importance of representation cannot be thrown off the window. There are so many movies out there, that portrays gay characters and storyline. However, many of them are usually not done justice. They are so poorly written, with overwhelming offensive stereotypes. Amid all these half-baked movies, some stood out. Here are the top 10 gay movies you should watch.

10. Call me by your name

Call me by your name got a whopping 95% rating on rotten tomatoes. You all know that this site is stingy when it comes to evaluation. This movie did so well in its representation of LGBTQ, with realistic textures that make you teary. The ending of this movie was kind of gloomy and sad but depicted the path two gays trend for the sake of the society. The camera angle makes it seem as if you are the third person in the movie, making it look like you are an omniscient witness. According to Tyler, the creator of ‘call me by your name,’ they used one camera in other to cut down complications.

9. Handsome Devil

The handsome devil did great in its portrayal of the LGBTQ community but ended with the character making dangerous mistakes and looking for ways to make an amend. Although the theme and storyline might be familiar, the insight, performance, and filmmaking skills were topnotch. The movie is about two opposites. One is a self-reserved individual dealing with his homosexual nature, while the other is an athlete, with a history that makes him want to give up on life. Watching this movie is worth your time.

8. Moonlight

Here is another teary film that did a great job at portraying the life of a lonely, scared gay kid. The protagonist, Juan, was raised by his mother, who is a drug addict and very promiscuous with men. As he journeys through high school and being called a ‘faggot’ because of his effeminate nature, he fell in love with the most unlikely person ever. This terrific movie ended in a good note and won a lot of award in the theater.

7. The way he looks

This Brazilian gay romantic drama follows the story of a blind teenager who wants nothing but independence. Along the line, he falls for a new student by name Gabriel. The film has won numerous award, with a 92% rating from rotten tomatoes. Do ensure you watch this movie with a subtitle, and get immersed in a world you are familiar with.

6. Alex Strangelove

This 2018 movie is about a young teenager in high school, making plans to lose his virginity to his girlfriend. Along the line, things got complicated as he met someone very handsome and charming who is openly gay. That encounter sent him on a roller-coaster quest of sexual identity. If you want a fantastic gay movie that worth your time, this movie is up to it.

5. Love Simon

Love Simon has the same setting with Alex Strangelove, but with a more intriguing storyline. It’s about a young teenager, Simon by name. He is gay and struggling to come out, for fear his parents and little sister might not understand. Just then, a kid in school anonymously confessed to being gay, and that triggered the journey of this protagonist. Unlike many gay movies, Love Simon ended with smiles and not a tragedy.

4. Boy Erased

Boy erased deserves a spot here on the list. It’s one of the movies that portray the dark path most gays trend in their quest to be straight. The protagonist was forced by his religious parents to enroll in a conversion therapy program. But after a clash with the head of the program, both parents have no choice but to accept their fun for who he is.

3. Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is a thoughtful and amazing gay movie that examines the romance of two men over many years. If you have excellent taste in script, emotions, and rawness, then this movie is for you. According to numerous reviews on Google, the film is one of the best gay movies out there.

2. Paris is Burning

This documentary lay a focus on drag queens who live together in New York City, coupled with their house culture that provides a sense of community and support. Every group, from each house, compete in elaborate balls that cues from the world of fashion. The movies touched areas like racism and poverty, making it one of the greatest movies of all time. If this movie has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it means you need to hurry and watch this fantastic movie.

1. Prayers for Bobby

The reaction of everyone that watched the movie is the same – they cried in the end. It’s is one of the best advocacy gay movie on the planet, that strives to prove to the world that you don’t choose to be gay, nor are you possessed by some demons. Its portrays of the struggle of the LGBTQ community is flawless. It made the top list for a reason and as thus, deserves your time.

Before watching any of the above movies, make sure you download the subtitle. It ensures you follow the dialogues, without missing a thing. Do you have other gay movies you think should make the list? Tell us by using the comment section.


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