Tips To Stay Safe In A Homophobic Country Like Nigeria

Tips To Stay Safe In A Homophobic Country Like Nigeria

Tips To Stay Safe In A Homophobic Country Like Nigeria

Every day in Nigeria, there is always a buzz about gays being caught in the act. It is even more intense in tertiary institutions where you expect people to be more educated and civilized. They are beaten, stripped naked and paraded for all to see. Being gay in Nigeria is very scary. The horror you will pass through if caught is worse than hell. As thus, staying safe becomes very paramount.

Here are some ways to stay safe as an LGBTQ member. Safe from homophobes, safe from sadists looking for gays to transfer their miserable life to. If you can learn to abide by these tips, you eliminate every chance of being lynched or discovered.

1. Social Media

Almost everyone is on social media. If you are a facebooker, Instagrammer or twitter user, you have to be mindful of the pages or people you follow in your real account. On Facebook, follow pages instead of liking them. That way, friends would not be able to see LGBTQ pages that you are following on your ABOUT.

Secondly, join LGBTQ private/closed groups. Never you join a PUBLIC group. Your posts and comments are not safe in a public group since non-members can easily access the group and see who is in it. You should not be scared to join LGBTQ groups, as long as they are CLOSED/PRIVATE groups. If perhaps you find someone you know, chances are they are gay too.

Thirdly, mind the post you comment on. Fact is, Facebook or other social media can notify your friends about your comment on a post. It is done in other to boost engagement. In a case whereby the comment is on an LGBTQ page, that might become a nightmare.

Fourth, mind who you accept as friends. Since you are not yet out of the closet, you have to make sure that your friends don’t implicate you by making suspicious comments on your posts or pictures. If you are a guy and a fellow guy commented, “You look sweet baby,” your friends are bound to investigate that comment to know what is going on. Be wise!

2. Browser History

If you are fond of watching gay porn, pictures or reading gay erotic stories on the internet, always make sure you clear your browsing history every time you are done. If you can’t keep up with that, visit in incognito mode. Always close the tab before closing the browser. It is to avoid a scenario whereby a friend grabbed your phone to check live scores only to stumble on a gay site you forgot to close.  Always close your tabs and clear your browsing history.

3. Media

If you often save gay pictures or videos on your phone, you need to discover how to stay safe. If you can lock your gallery with a password, please do. Often time, the first place strangers or friends go to when they take your phone is your gallery. Some smartphone has the option to hide some apps. Utilize that feature; it was made for a reason.

When hiding or locking your gallery, don’t forget Xender. Locking those pictures and videos doesn’t mean it is hidden in Xender. They are very much visible. The best action is never to save such implicating materials in your phone. If you want to watch porn, you can stream online. Stay safe!

4. Whatsapp Gay groups

WhatsApp gay groups have done more harm than good. It is because gay porn or images sent to the group are often saved to your gallery automatically. Apart from that, pop-up messages from these group can implicate you, especially when your phone is in the hand of another. What do you think someone will think when a message like this pop-up?

“Can I suck your di*k?

No amount of explanation will correct that impression. Stay away from WhatsApp gay groups. It is much safer to be on Facebook gay groups. Since your posts and comments don’t come as pop-ups, nor are images automatically saved in your gallery.

5. Hide sensitive apps

If you have apps like Grindr, Hornet, 2go, etc. try as much as possible to hide them. Imagine what will happen if your friend found Grindr and began to wonder what the app is for. It would be a nightmare if he opens the app and sees sexy gays. If your phone can’t hide these apps, then never give your phone to anyone, no matter the situation. If they need some files, be the one to handle the transfer process.

6. Hook up

When it comes to hooking up, you will have to be discriminatory a bit. Two manly guys walking into a room will never arouse any suspicion. People will often conclude that they are friends. But when one is overly effeminate, then people are bound to raise eyebrows. Try and hook up with gays who are discreet and not gayish. Don’t be discriminatory when doing that.

Secondly, mind how you invite new guys to your home. If you live in a public place, hookup in your place is a risk you shouldn’t take. Your safety and reputation is more important than a few minutes of pleasure.


If you are an LGBTQ member living in a homophobic country, try as much as possible to apply these tips. It will ensure that you remain safe. You won’t hide forever. But till then, stay safe. Have you ever been implicated because you failed to follow these tips? Share your experience. Someone might learn.



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