The Best Gay Nigerian Facebook Group

The Best Gay Nigerian Facebook Group

Being gay and a Nigerian suck. You always find yourself wallowing in depression and loneliness. Sometimes it feels you are the only one on planet earth fighting those horrendous demons within. Again, it sucks being gay and a Nigerian.

However, you don’t deserve to be alone anymore. It is hard to ascertain the population of gays in Nigeria, but there exists a community on Facebook that houses over 3,000 gay Nigerian from all over the state.

You don’t need to be afraid about exposing your sexuality since the group is a CLOSED

Facebook group. What that means is that people will never know that you are a member of the group. Nor would they see your posts or comments on the group.

To be part of the family, by clicking HERE.


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LGBTQNigeria is an LGBTQ advocacy media platform that aims at being a voice when there is none. If you are a member of the rainbow community, this is a home to be.

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