Our First Blog Post


Hello dear… and welcome to this fantastic platform. This is going to be our first blog post and before we begin, it is worth to note that this platform is going to be managed by multiple authors who are queers and passionate LTGBT+ advocates. Their identity is going to be masked for security reasons, but their personality, creativity, and passion will be very evident. They might be anonymous, but very real.

What to expect

If you had gone through our ‘about us’ page, you might have gotten a sneak peek of what to expect. Nevertheless, it won’t harm anyone to disclose them once more.

In summary, you will be kept updated with latest LGBTQ happenings in Nigeria and around the world. Get educated about the diverse human sexuality and where you belong, opinions about LGBTQ+ related issues, motivational articles and much more.

The rough idea is set, and with time our mission and vision will wear a flesh. All we ask for its your support through comments and social sharing. With that, the sky will be our starting point. There has to be an awareness.

Welcome once again!


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LGBTQNigeria is an LGBTQ advocacy media platform that aims at being a voice when there is none. If you are a member of the rainbow community, this is a home to be.

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