Lucifer 1- A Story By SadWriter


WARNING: If you’re a religious fanatic or extremist, please do well to avoid this story as you might find it offensive and blasphemous. It is a work of art, aimed at bringing to light the most hated character in the world. As you read, have in mind that this is purely FICTION! Be open-minded and enjoy this beautiful piece of art.


1. I was there when the foundation of the earth was laid. I was there when He hung it in orbit, as His sons rejoiced for such a monumental invention. This caused a grand celebration in our celestial plane, and I was the stronghold as my voice echo in all the universe in worship.

2. The book made his creation a piece of an effortless marvel, but it wasn’t effortless. It took Him nine hundred thousand years to discover the perfect elements, in its perfect order and proportion. He was the very first scientist and engineer, the first of everything!

3. But well, a thousand years is like a day in his eyes, the creator of everything. You do not know anything about me, except perhaps what the book told you. But wait! Don’t you want to hear my side of the story about what really happened? You know me as the chief of all lies, a roaring lion looking for who to devour. But don’t you want to know more? That will make you a better judge!

4. I’m writing this from hell, after gulping down the golden elixir. This wondrous fluid would help me recall the agony and war as if it were yesterday.

5. How I came to existence, I do not know. But I was the finest, the most beautiful of them all. As the chief Archangel, I was nearer to the throne of God. Due to the power of his presence, I was called the ‘burning one,’ since low ranking angels could not stand my light.

6. I have watched my reflection a thousand times, and a thousand times have I fell in love with myself. I might have a little bit of pride, but it was a holy one. Won’t you be prideful if your wings were like that of a rainbow? Won’t you be intoxicated by your voice’s melodious sounds or the beautiful features of your being?

7. When I raise my hands, the angels bow in adoration. When I unleash my beauty and love, the universe comes alive all over again. I was the source of God’s joy and admiration. I was his morningstar, his favorite and eye.

8. Not only was I the most beautiful, but I was also the most powerful. I have beaten Michael numerous times without even lifting a feather. I was the sword of God, while Michael oversees the protection of the realm against other universal bodies. But things began to fall apart the moment I felt something I’ve never felt since the universe began.

9. I remember the combat, where I kissed Michael, and at that moment, Heaven broke loose. The only love we had was for God, and loving Michael was a creation flaw. It was never meant to happen cause we were created perfect and incapable of loving other angels except God.

10.I have tried to contain this feeling, but it grew each time I battle or sing with Michael. He was one of the most loyal Archangels, who was not only powerful but handsome too. I have watched the fire in his eyes brighten when he sees me. I was the best of all creation, so even Michael couldn’t resist this powerful attraction.

11. When I did the unthinkable, God was furious, and his anger sent down brimstone on earth. It killed off every life he created, including the dinosaurs who were one of his latest creations. I discovered my capability to love, but God also discovered jealousy – a feeling he could not control.

12. God roared like a lion, summoning me to his presence as every angel surround his throne. This was the very first judgment since the beginning of time, and it was not a merciful one. I thought He loved me, but he allowed jealousy to prevail.

13. “Lucifer Morningstar!”

He called me from his throne as I bow in reverence. His anger was so powerful that his throne shook, stirring up powerful winds and lightning. The twenty-four elders murmured among themselves, with their shiny golden crown fitted in their head.

14. “You have been banished from my kingdom, never to return!” He said, stamping his mantle as I felt his eyes strip me of all the love he has for me.

15. He could have banished me himself, but instead, he turned my love against me. He gave Michael more power that he could wield, ordering him to cast me away from Heaven. I couldn’t fight back, as it felt I was fighting my own.

16. I saw tears in Michael’s eyes as he unleashed the greatest force I have ever known. The last thing I remembered was waking among some greenish elements, which I’ve come to know as grass.

17. You see, I was never banished because I wanted to take over God’s throne. What good is a throne when I was already the most beautiful and powerful of the angels? What good is a throne, when I am the favorite of the most powerful God in the universe?

18. But do you know what I discovered? LOVE! Love is the only element that was never created by any celestial being. It is the most powerful force in the universe. A force that doesn’t care about power, role, gender, or beauty: a force, believed to be the most powerful of all the Gods.

19. God couldn’t kill me because I was merely energy, and energy cannot be destroyed. If killing me was possible, he wouldn’t have hesitated a moment to extinguish me. But instead, he threw me down to earth, to be on the lowest and degrading habitat in the universe.

20. Unlike what you believe, I didn’t grow horns or tail, nor did I turn dark. I never lost my beauty or power. The only thing I lost was God’s love, his admirable, and compliments. As I was roaming the earth, depressed and sad for having lost my place, there was heavy thunder and lightning.

21. The sky grew dark, rumbling angrily as light bolts fall from Heaven. It wasn’t light bolts, but rather angels were falling down from Heaven with their wings on fire. They were falling on the earth, thousands of them.

22. It was one of the gloomiest days on earth. God has thrown them down because they couldn’t serve without my presence. Because they thought I did nothing wrong loving Michael. As I flew around, blowing off the fire from their wings, I couldn’t help but wish Michael was among them too. But he was nowhere to be found.

23. I saw Succubus, and she was in great agony due to the burns. I healed thousands of angels that day, and it drained me of my energy. I was no longer alone, and with me were good angels cast for standing with me. I wish they didn’t, but they did.

24. For the past few days, I’ve been roaming the earth without a purpose. But now, it seems the mantle of leadership has fallen on me, and I had no choice but to lead these fallen angels.

25. I sat on Mount Sinai, lost in thought as my core weep for the fallen angels’ fate. Living on earth was agonizing, as we were not used to the dews, the rain, or the darkness. If we stay long enough on earth, the gravitational pull will disintegrate our life force into atoms. When I was lost in thought, something touched me from behind. It was Angel Beelzebub.

26. He was one of the high ranking angels, later branded to be an envious demon by low breathing mortals who believe they are more. His wings were beginning to lose its vigor, and it broke my heart a thousand pieces. Earth was not a place to be.

27. “Hey Lucy, I knew I’d find you here,” he said, bringing me back from my thoughts.

28. I took a sigh, as my wings clamp in sadness. He held my hands and gave it a little squeeze.

29. “Lucy, something has to be done.” He said, and his voice depicted fear and agony.

30. “If we do not leave earth, the darkness will kill us, and your brightness will not be able to save us. We are turning to atoms, and that was the plan of…”

31. “Don’t mention his name!” I roared in anger. I have never felt so much pain since my existence. Amidst the pain, I felt my core grow in weakness for what is to come.

32. I rose and began to fly away from Beelzebub. I do not care where, but away from his voice telling me to do something.

33. What can I do? I have used my powers only for one thing, and that was singing. What did he want me to do? I can not even create a feather.

34. When I thought I lost him, I saw a figure soaring behind me in the winds as my light illuminated the sky.

35. “You have to stop this madness, Lucy!” He shouted at me as I maneuvered and made for landing. He followed me, piercing through the clouds as the wind fight to stop me.

36. “You are the only one that can save us. If you do nothing, we’ll die off like the stars in the universe.”

37. Although the winds were powerful, I could still hear his roars, urging me to do what I do not know. I landed in Goth, a mountain that has become a place for the earth’s spirits today.

38. “Lucifer Morningstar!” He yelled at me, and I stood still.

39. Since I fell, this was the first time being called by my name. It was as if the earth held me, and I could no longer move. Beelzebub came closer, bowing down in my presence as if I’m God.

40. “Lucifer Morningstar,” he called again, in reverence.

41. “You are the finest and most powerful of us. You hold great power, which you do not know yet, but it can save us. That power in you can save you!”

42. He rose to meet me, and I look away. I knew something is to be done, but I do not know-how. I felt his hand touch me again, and this time I didn’t pull away.

43. “You do not need to do what you haven’t done, Lucy,” he said as if he knew the battles in my mind.

44. “All you have to do is sing and channel your desire and love for creation.” He continued. Immediately, flashbacks started dominating my mind, as I remember God’s references to my power.

45. “Lucy, I’ve made you the most powerful of all, the most beautiful and elegant. You are my most wonderful creation! You can do unspeakable things!”

46. Crystals were falling down my eyes like fountains, and immediately l let out a mighty shout that shook the foundations of the earth. My wings began to glow as my eyes become fire itself. At that moment, my desire was a perfect place for the angels, and because I thought of it, the ground opened.

47. It was like a secret gateway that was purposely concealed. The other fallen angels were drawn by the noise and earthquake. They flew to me, from the south, east, north, and west, surrounding me as we watch the earth exhume a place we have never heard, or seen.

48. For the first time in my existence, fear gripped me. The angels, having sensed my fear, then began to form the Ensō in Zen, a circle of life use to concentrate ultimate power to one entity.

49. I began to feel like a weapon about to explode, as the power was so much to control. It was growing inside of me, and I felt the pain envelop me. I struggled, and just when I was able to explode, Beelzebub held me.

50. “Sing Lucy, Sing! Do not try to control your power. Let it free! ” He said to me, and immediately, a calmness came upon me. My mouth opened, and I vomited so much vibration and energy to the world.

51. The earth began to pour down water in that effect, as thunder and lightning accompany. As I sing, a tunnel emerges from the ground, like a doorway.

52. My energy was completely drained, and just when I was able to fell to the ground, four other high ranking angels flew to me: Abaddon, Mammon, Belphegor, Asmodeus.

53. They held me, infusing their power into me as the tunnel keep opening. Then there was darkness, I did not remember anything at all, except waking up and finding myself been tended to by Succubus in a room that looked so ancient and golden.

54. “What happened, where are we?”

55.I ask as she beams with smiles. She held my hand as she looks at me with her piercing eyes.

56. “We are in Paradise Lucy; you made it happen. But it took a lot from you, your wings!”

57. Icouldn’t feel my wings. I tried touching it, but all I felt was an edgy surface.

58. “You sacrificed your wings so that we can stay away from the gravitational pull of the earth. You saved us, Lucy! You created Paradise!”

59. I discovered that I no longer emit light. I tried creating a fireball with my hands, but nothing came forth.

60. “It would take time to regain your powers again. But right now, you need rest Lucy,” she said, and I dozed off again.

61. Without my power or wings, how will I lead the angels? Without my angelic force, how am I to be reverenced and loved?

62. I do not know what it means to dream, but I found myself in a dimension I’ve never known. I saw the spirit of God hovering around the waters, and I heard a voice,

63. “Let there be light!”

To be continued!

I understand that this is a sensitive theme, and I can only continue if you tell me to proceed. If the response are not encouraging, I’ll dump this story! So tell me, what do you think? Should I continue?



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