Love Or Lust, Which One Are You Feeling?

Love Or Lost, Which One Are You Feeling?
Love Or Lost, Which One Are You Feeling?

The concept of love has caused a lot of uproar in our modern world. This is because man is yet to fully grasp its power, origin, and most of all, the meaning. In the gay community, this term is even more complicated.

The universal meaning of love refers to a deep feeling of affection. However, scientists have postulated that love is merely a chemical reaction. Dopamine and norepinephrine are said to be the principal chemical in charge of giving us that deep urge.

You might be thinking that lust is that evil dark feeling that you should avoid. You are wrong! The first step in the love process is lust. That is the grave or intense desire or craving for someone. The chemical mostly involved in this is testosterone.

When someone says he loves you, what does he mean? Does it mean he wants to have sex with you? Is he in love because of your pretty face, or what he will gain from you? Failing to know the meaning of these two terms can spell doom in your life.

At first, when you see someone, there has to be an attraction. Either you are attracted by how handsome he is. Perhaps how built and cool he dresses. You might be attracted by how he smells, talks, reasons – his intelligence. There must be a trigger and mind you, what you are feeling at that moment isn’t love. It is lust.

Love begins to emerge when you get to know that awesome person the more. At this stage, you discover that there is more to cherish – his personality. That previous attraction means nothing anymore. If they vanish, it still won’t affect how you feel.

Sadly, many find it hard passing the first process, which is lust. They are still within the chains of pleasure, afraid of commitment and responsibility. Love entails a lot, and sadly what it requires isn’t always rosy.

How to know if you are in love or lust

Let’s list some major factors that attract you, which mostly pertains to lust.

  • Beauty
  • Physique
  • Money
  • Intelligence
  • Achievements
  • Fashion style
  • Scent
  • Sex experience
  • Popularity, etc.

Now, which of the above attracted you? When those are removed, would you still want to be with him? Would you forge ahead with that relationship? Imagine if that cute, pretty face is poured acid and he resembles an ape, would you still feel that way?

If yes, congratulations. You are no longer in lust but in love. But If you are repulsed of the idea, of someone handsome or intelligent becoming ugly or dumb overnight, sorry, you are still in lust.

Love comes with no condition. It comes with no requirement. Often time, you don’t even know what keeps you in love. When you don’t have a reason for loving someone, only then are you indeed in love.

What do you think? Have you fallen in love before? What is your definition of love and lust?


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