How To Anal Douche Properly – Bottom Guide

How To Anal Douche Properly – Bottom Guide

How To Anal Douche Properly – Bottom Guide

Douching is a practice every bottom gay man should master. It is done to avoid any kind of embarrassing accident during sex. However, it is sad to note that majority of Nigerian bottoms don’t know what douching means, talk of indulging in such a practice.

For most gay men, douching is something that is mastered through trial and error. Unless you have a bottom fairy mother ready to guide you through the processes, however, this article will be your bottom fairy mother. By the end of this article, you should be able to douche properly without hassles.

Before we delve into the business, let’s first know what douching is. It is for the benefit of inexperienced folks who have been living in the cave.

What is douching?

Simply, it is the process of cleaning your rectum (anus) with water. Most submissive gays prefer to douche before anal sex. But with a healthy high fiber diet, you won’t need to douche. Having known what a douching is, here is how to douche appropriately without issues.

How to douche properly

STEP 1: Buy a douche pump


You can get a douching pump from your local pharmacies or perhaps, through online stores like Jumia. It is very cheap. One douche pump is merely #360 ($1). It is not advisable to use any homemade pump or one of these DIY approaches. For the sake of your health, don’t try such.

STEP 2: Use only warm water

Warm water is best, and please, don’t use soap to avoid damaging the sensitive lining of the rectum. Fill the pump with water, and place the tip of the douche’s nozzle on your ass. Gently slip it in with the help of water-based lube. Try as much as possible to relax, to avoid tensing the anal muscles.

STEP 3. Squeeze the bulb

Once the douche’s nozzle is inside your ass, gently squeeze the bulb and allow the water to flow for about 10 seconds. The feeling of water filling you up will undoubtedly be strange at first. Hold the water for a bit, take a few breaths, and relax.

STEP 4. Expel the water

After holding the water for some seconds, expel the water. Keep repeating the process until the water that comes out is clean. If it is still not clean, keep repeating the process.

STEP 5: Hit the shower

After you are done douching, hit the shower immediately and allow the warm water to run down your skin. After douching, waiting a while before sex helps the rectum to re-adjust and be ready.

There are so many techniques on the internet about anal douching. But this guide has been proven to work every time, irrespective of the person. To be regarded as neat by your partner, don’t overlook douching. Ensure that douching becomes a regular routine before engaging in sex. It goes a long way in helping you advance your sex life. Above all, remember to play safe. Don’t be among the many Nigerian gay men who don’t like using a condom.


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