How Not To Fall Victim to Setups/Kitos ( Gay Hunters)

How Not To Fall Victim to Setups/Kitos ( Gay Hunters)
How Not To Fall Victim to Setups/Kitos ( Gay Hunters)

Ever since the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, signed the anti-gay marriage act in 14th, January 2014, there has been a witch hunt for all members of the LGBTQ community. These gay hunters, these demonic entities in human flesh have utilized numerous mediums to ensure that gays are dealt with, killed, robbed, and raped.

Most of these setups use gay dating apps to lure their victims, and according to numerous accounts, it is horrible. It is better imagined than experienced.

According to a study conducted by LGBTQNigeria, three in every five Nigerian gays have been set up and brutally dealt with. These victims were never the same again after such a traumatic encounter. These so-called gay hunters don’t exist only in Nigeria; they are everywhere. Most notably, countries that are still intolerant to the LGBTQ community.

In other to not fall victim to kitos, as popularly called among Nigerian gays, here are tips that will ensure you don’t fall victim to these savages.

1. Choose the right dating platform

Although these gay hunters can exist in any gay dating app, some apps are more prone to their activities than others. According to numerous Nigerian gays, the first platform these gay hunters use to lure unsuspecting victims is 2go. If you use this app as your regular hookup ground, be more alert and smart.

2. Watch the attitude

When a gay hunter adds you up, he is impatient and wants to meet up immediately. They begin with knowing your location and role. Most at times, they usually don’t care about your name. They are unromantic and straight to the point. If you are desperate for sex, you might not notice these obvious signs. If he isn’t impatient and in haste to meet you, that is a huge red sign. Please remove or block ASAP.

3. Know more

Some Gay Hunters are good at acting. Many have mastered the art so well that they can even prove more romantic that the real gays on social media. To be on a safe side, get to know more about this handsome romantic prince charming. One of the ways to do that is through Facebook. Ask for his Facebook name and add him up. When doing that, here are what to look for.

  • How many mutual friends does he have?
  • Are those mutual friends gay?
  • Are his pictures real?
  • Is his personality on Facebook a good one, or should you be concerned?

If he has some mutual friends on Facebook, chat up those friends and inquire more about this potential hookup. These might be stressful. You might even feel like a CIA agent for a moment. But these are measures you need to take to avoid regrets.

4. Do a video call

If his Facebook account is fake, he won’t agree to a video call. He will give excuses such as;

‘His phone is having issues,’

‘His phone doesn’t do a video call, etc.

In that case, run as fast as you can. Sometimes, you don’t have to allow your horniness think for you. Someone real won’t hesitate to share his real Facebook account, and he won’t hesitate to do a video call either.

5. Under pressure

If he has passed the above tests and yet, mounting pressure about the meeting, that is a sign you shouldn’t overlook. Although it might not always be for a bad intention, you shouldn’t be quick to discard it. In that case, try to delay the meeting as much as possible. If he is a setup/kito, he would give up and block you. But if he is real, he will stick around till you are ready to meet.

Making sure you don’t fall victim to these heartless gay hunters is very important. Many members of our community have been murdered, robbed, raped, blackmailed, disgraced publically because of these demons in human flesh. In an intolerant country such as Nigeria, always look out for your safety.

6. Don’t go with valuables

No matter how real he might be, don’t go with your smartphone, pieces of jewelry, ATM card, or more money than you need. If you have a smaller phone, please go with it. If you must go with your big phone, ensure that you remove any gay materials, chats, or apps that will implicate you in a moment of a worse possible scenario.

What to do when you have been setup

You can get everything right and still fall victim to these gay hunters. In that case, don’t panic. They will take your belongings, even threaten to disgrace you on social media. Whether the police get involved or not, never admit to being gay. Keeping quiet is needed. Stay mute! In that moment of panic, there are lots of human right organizations here in Nigeria that you can call. One of them is ‘The Initiative of Equal Rights (TIERS)’.

They can be reached on 0800225584377, 07011472241, 08146337128.

Once they are reached, they will assign a human right officer to take over the case. Please, ensure you take your safety seriously. We are tired of losing members of our community. Have you been set up before? Share so others can learn.


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2 thoughts on “How Not To Fall Victim to Setups/Kitos ( Gay Hunters)

  1. Nice one…i have Been a victim of set up.
    They video and treating to post My video on Facebook if i dont comply with them. They make a withdrawal of 100,00 from my mobile bank app and collected my phone and they treating if i come bck for them, they will upload the video in all social media platforms.

    1. That is inhuman. I’m glad you are now safe and sound. Karma will catch up to them. Please, be careful always.

      Piece and love ✌️

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