Gonorrhea: Facts, Symptoms, Treatment, and Protection

Gonorrhea: Facts, Symptoms, Treatment, and Protection

Gonorrhea is a commonly known bacterial STI amongst guys who have sex with other guys.  It affects hundreds of thousands of men and women. Although it is easily treated, it can cause severe and sometimes permanent complications such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) when overlooked. The major complication of Gonorrhea in men is epididymitis. That is an inflammation of the tube which carries sperm and infertility problems.

How to tell if you are infected

Once you are infected, it is common not to show any symptoms at all. Despite the lack of symptoms, you are still contagious. That is why it is very paramount always to get tested for STIs if you are sexually active.

In many cases, symptoms can show up two weeks before they become evident. In some individuals, it might take a little bit longer. But the fact remains that its signs are inevitable. The most common symptoms include;

  • Swelling or pain in or near your balls
  • Itchiness and pain during bowel movement
  • Discharge or bleeding from your arse
  • Pain or burning when pissing
  • An unusual discharge from the urethra (front hole or penis)
  • Swelling or redness near the tip of your penis

Getting treated

In other to treat Gonorrhea, you will need to be adequately diagnosed by a health expert. After which some antibiotics will be prescribed. Also, ensure your partner treat for Gonorrhea if they are infected. After treatment, you must abstain from sex for at least seven days. That is to make sure the infection has cleared.

How to protect yourself from Gonorrhea

Most gay men are fond of having sex with a condom but don’t when engaging in oral sex. Gonorrhea can be passed through both mediums, and as thus, it is necessary you use a condom. You should also know that condom might not be able to protect against the affected place, and for that, you still have a chance of getting infected.

Facts about Gonorrhea

  • You can infect people even when symptoms aren’t present
  • When symptoms are present, it will affect your general well-being
  • Gonorrhea can affect anyone of all ages
  • Gonorrhea can occur more than once in a person
  • The best way to protect yourself is by using a condom during anal or oral sex.
  • You can get Gonorrhea through oral sex, anal sex, fingering or fisting if your hand has come in contact with bodily fluids.


One of the best ways to protect yourself from getting infected is by playing safe sex and sticking to one faithful partner. Your life is too precious to be gambled on with a few minutes of pleasure. If you are infected, try as much as possible to get treated asap. Here are the top 5 gay-friendly hospitals in Nigeria to get treated.


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