Gay Nigerians Tell Why They Don’t Use A Condom

Gay Nigerians Tell Why They Don't Use A Condom

Despite the numerous STIs flying around the world, you will be surprised to know that many still detest the use of condoms for some apparent reasons. We were able to survey one of the most popular Nigeria gay Facebook group, and the responses were enlightening. Having unprotected sex is never advised, but why many don’t use a condom during sex isn’t ridiculous either.

1. It is painful

About 80 percent of gays in Nigeria said that using a condom is painful. It is true, especially to the submissive partner. The anal cavity is a delicate tissue and can get sore due to friction caused by a condom. An activity that should be pleasurable becomes something to endure. According to the majority of the response from Nigerian gay men, “it’s better not to have sex than to have painful sex.”

2. I trust him

It might sound ludicrous, but many gay Nigerians don’t use a condom because they believe their partner is clean. That, however, might be true. But it is like gambling between life and death. Irrespective of how a saint he is, making sure you use condom should be your top priority. You never know what your partner does when he isn’t with you.

3. Diluted pleasure

Both dominating and submissive gay men agree that using condom hamper them from getting the real sensation and feeling during sex. By using a condom, they limit the amount of pleasure. One community member who doesn’t want his name disclosed said that it’s like licking a lollipop with the nylons till intact. However, that is not enough reason to risk your health for a few minutes of pleasure.

4. Implies a lack of trust

Apart from not using a condom because you trust your partner, other members have a different view. Using condom suggests that you don’t trust your partner. When two individuals are in love, and it is time for sex, bringing up a condom means you don’t trust your partner. It can breed forth lots of issues in the relationship.

5. Can’t buy a condom

Surprisingly, there are still some folks who can’t boldly walk into a pharmacy and buy a pack of condom. They fear being judged or looked at as promiscuous. For that reason, they have sex without a condom. Thereby exposing themselves to lots of STIs. If you are in this category, there is another option. You can either get a condom from a friend or go to a pharmacy far away from where you aren’t known. Your health is vital, treat it as such.

You might not enjoy using a condom. You might not be able to afford or buy one. But please, protected sex is essential no matter the situation. In that heat of passion, don’t allow it to take over your brain. Always request for a condom no matter how much you love or trust your partner. In everything, your health should come first. Don’t gamble with it!


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