Common Ant-Gay Myths Debunked – Stop Believing Them

Common Ant-Gay Myths Debunked – Stop Believing Them

One of the significant cause of homophobia in this 21st century is merely ignorance. Like a wise man once said, “men fear that which they don’t understand.” However, ignorance is not enough reason to act inhumanely. Here are major anti-gay myths that are ridiculous. If you at some point once believed them, now is the perfect time to shade them off.

1. He is gay, and as thus, he will have feelings for me

It is a common myth among the heterosexual community. They try as much as possible to avoid an openly gay person for fear the person might sexually harass them. Just as not all girls attract you as a straight man, same with gays. Some have standard and preference. You can’t be disgusting, dirty, facially unappealing, and you feel that a gay man might sexually harass you. It isn’t all males that attract a gay man. Some love you as a brother, as a friend. Some might even hate you at first glance. He is gay doesn’t mean he has feelings for you. Get over yourself.

2. People become gay cause they were sexually abused as children

Here is another myth that some LGBTQ members even believe. Some straight people think that gays were molested when they were small and as thus, are unable to get over the trauma. Well, no scientifically sound study has purportedly linked sexual orientation with childhood sexual abuse. There are a lot of abused kids that are still straight today, while some are gays. It has nothing to do with human sexuality.

3. They are gay because there was a deficiency in sex-role modeling parents

Joseph Nicolosi, the founder of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, once said, “Fathers, if you don’t hug your sons, some other men will.” This postulation had led parents of gay people to dwell in regret for being failures when it was totally out of their control. There has been no scientific study that backs this claim up and as thus, should be flushed down the drain.

4. LGBTQ people don’t live very long as heterosexuals

You will be surprised to know that even some members of the LGBTQ community believe that by being gay, you opt for a shorter life span. That has been one of the argument, laid as reasons as to why gay or lesbians shouldn’t adopt or foster children. No thanks to Paul Cameron and his ridiculous Family Research Institute that gave this myth breath. He co-wrote a book titled “The lifespan of Homosexuals.” Using his authority to instill fear in humanity. He also said that gay men are almost 18 times likely to die in a car accident than heterosexuals. Sadly, these ridiculous claims have made their way to mainstream venues as anti-gay movements use them as an anchor.

5. No one is born gay

Numerous anti-gay activists are openly opposing the granting of special civil protection and rights to gay people, for this apparent belief that no one is born gay. Although medical science cannot state for sure what causes sexual orientation, many studies believe it has more to do with biological and environmental factors. Just as people don’t choose to be black or white, same way men cannot choose to be straight or gay. If being gay is a choice, many gay men in deep Africa would have decided to be straight. When you witness the abject poverty, isolation, and brutality they face as a result of their sexuality, you will wonder why a sane man would subject himself to such.

6. There is no beautiful future for gay men

This myth is often circulated in countries like Nigeria. They believe that gay marriage will never be legalized and as thus, gays within the country has no future. That is plain wrong. Being gay doesn’t limit you from porting out of your country. There are fantastic gay-friendly cities where you can live and be happy as gay. If you are gay and in one of these intolerant countries, you can make plans to live.

These are just a few myths, compared to numerous myths flying around today about gay people. If only they can sit down and research, without letting their emotions play a role, they definitely will become wise and tolerant. But so far, the society has wired majority of the straight community into rejecting all opposing views. What other myths do you know of?


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