Chidera Chaplet is a Gay Setup, Blackmailer and Dangerous!

Chidera Chapter kito gay setup


Chidera Chaplet kito gay setup

Who is a Kito? A kito is any community member who tries to harm another community member, through stealing, set up, blackmail or impersonation.

Chidera Chaplet is a gay prostitute who makes money by sleeping with different men in Nigeria. He is from Anambra State, 20 years old. Currently living in 3:3 Onitsha.

According to a reliable source, he steals from his victims after the whole ordeal and escapes.

Just recently, he started stealing from his friend who was accommodating him, a member of the community too. When he was caught, he threatened to expose his friend’s sexuality to the whole community which he has done.

Right now, the friend is depressed, and sad. Is it a sin to accommodate a fellow community member? This post is to inform the whole LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria that this thief and blackmailer is not a member of the community.

He is dangerous and ready to expose you if you fail to comply to his bidding. Do you want justice served? Share this post in all the TB groups you know. He must be exposed!




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