All You Need To Know About Warts – Symptoms and treatment

All You Need To Know About Warts – Symptoms and treatment
All You Need To Know About Warts – Symptoms and treatment

Genital wart is caused by a virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This virus is viral among sexually active individuals. If not treated, it can lead to an increased risk of some kinds of cancer. Although a wart transiting to cancer is a rare occurrence, it doesn’t mean you should harbor them like a badge of honor.

Fact is, most sexually active gays would get HPV at some point in their life. It is not a big deal at all. It is pervasive, even in the heterosexual community. These warts often time go on their own; some can also go through the application of creams and paints. In some cases, they can be burnt or frozen off by a doctor.

One scary thing about HPV is that it doesn’t respect your condom. Skin to skin contact is enough for infection to take place. No matter how conscious or careful you are, you can still encounter HPV. Sweetheart, it could be anywhere.

HPV Vaccination

If you are a bottom gay, your chances of getting anal wart are increased. Being HIV Positive increase it even more. In other to reduce your chances of contracting this virus, if it imperative you get vaccinated. You can do this in any general hospital in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. In most hospitals, you will get vaccinated for free.

How can you get an anal wart?

You can get anal wart through;

  • 1. Through vaginal or anal sex
  • 2. Oral sex
  • 3. Sharing of sex toys
  • 4. Close genital contact
  • 5. Skin to skin contact, etc.

How does anal wart look?

Symptoms for anal wart will include;

  • One or more small, grey or flesh-colored painless lumps or growth around your anus, penis or upper thighs
  • Bleeding or itching from your genitals or anus
  • A change in your normal flow of urine. Example, it can be going sideways.

Genital Wart Treatment

Before you think of any treatment, it is paramount you get diagnosed by professional healthcare. They will carry out a painless internal examination of the anus to ensure there are no hidden warts.

There are two types of treatment.

  • 1. Applying a lotion, cream or chemicals to the warts
  • 2. Destroying warts through heating, freezing and removing them

The treatment option is determined by the size of the wart or the doctor in charge of your case. HPV is a stubborn virus and as thus, might return a few weeks after treatment. While ongoing treatment, you will be advised to avoid every other kind of lotion, cream that might irritate the skin.

While undergoing treatment, you will need to abstain from sex. Your partner would also need therapy to avoid re-transmission. Having anal sex once doesn’t mean you can’t get them again.

Self- medication

Typically, infected individuals in Nigeria often use Podophyllin cream for the treatment of warts. This cream can be gotten from any big pharmacy close to you. It has worked for many and can also work for you. However, if you have the finance, there is no harm in visiting the hospital and getting professional help.

Living with an anal wart can mess up your sex life. You might find it hard having sex for fear that your partner might feel disgusted or be exposed. The best logical step is to start treatment immediately. Have you dealt with genital warts before? How where you able to handle it? If you are currently battling with one, tell us about. You will receive help immediately.

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