LGBTQNigeria is a Nigerian LGBTQ+ platform that aims at helping Nigerian queers feel belonged, even in a country that proves to be ignorantly intolerant of their sexuality. We are going to be the eyes of the LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria and trust us; we aren’t backing down. Love is love, and as long as no one is hurt through our activities, then we deserve the right to be happy.

We aim to be the number one advocacy media platform in Nigeria. We will be dealing with helpful resources that will prove beneficial to community members. We will debunk the myths about being an LGBTQ+ community through quality information.


  1. help the Nigerian populace get educated about human sexuality and how being a queer is perfectly normal and natural.
  2. media advocacy about LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria’
  3. documentaries, stories of human right abuse, opinions
  4. research, investigations and study regarding LGBTQ+ in Nigeria
  5. Motivational articles and podcast.


To create a safe and sane haven for LGBTQ+ members in Nigeria.


  • To become a recognized LGBTQ+ voice in Nigeria
  • To become a medium where the LGBTQ+ members can easily express themselves
  • To become the last hope for members seeking support, advice, and help.

As time goes on, we hope to gain your support, donations, and help for the betterment of humanity. We deserve to be loved, and it was NEVER a choice. We are PERFECT!