Lucifer 2 – By SadWriter



1. I have been called many names by sons of men, mere mortals who know nothing about The War, nor their very own existence.

2. I have been called the Prince of Darkness, Mephistopheles, Lord of the Flies, the Antichrist, Father of Lies, Moloch, Satan, The Deceiver, A Roaring Lion.

3. But before you call me these, remember I was the source that illuminates the heavens, and the voice that wakes the very heart of God.

4. I was the morning star. The Lightbringer. Day-Star. Son Of The Morning. The Anointed Cherub. Angel Of Light. Dragon.

5. I was proof of his phenomenal sovereignty and might. He looks at me and marvels like an artist would to his remarkable creation.

6. The more prideful I become, the more God delights himself in me. Flaunting my beauty and power is like stroking his ego, reminding him that there is none in the Universe like him.

7. But when I lost my place, things were never the same. He sought to replace me but failed. I was able to create a perfect place for the fallen angels – hell. But it cost me my powers and wings.

8. The book has done damage to my name and abode. They now see me as an enemy whereas, I was a helpless angel in hands of love.

God never created hell, nor was hell a place of torment and anguish. Earth is a 3-dimensional plane, and existing in this material world requires a water-based suit called a body.

9. Without this biological suit, the other fallen angels and I could disintegrate into atoms due to the earth’s gravitational pull. Earth is nothing compared to the ugliest place in hell. It is the ideal definition of paradise.

10. When Succubus put me to sleep, I found myself in an odd dimension. I saw the most stunning garden on earth. Its clouds were blue, with green trees and magnificent fruits.

11. I saw different beasts of the land and sea, as they move in harmony with their environment. I remember walking further and coming across four rivers: Pishon, Gihon, Chidekel, and Phirat.

12. I know nothing about dreams, nor had I dream before. Everything was foggy and hazy as if trapped between worlds. Then the beautiful garden began to transit into something frightening.

13. The cloud changed her garment into red, swirling as if to birth a tornado. The trees began shading its leaves, as maggot crawls out from every fruit. I tried to fly away from this evil garden, but my wings failed.

14. The earth opened, and I began to fall into a dark hole that has no end. As I fall, unknown images started to flash through me.

15. I saw a strange beast with no legs and a rotten apple. I saw a tear drop in an ocean, as the ocean unleashes its terror on the land. Just when I was about to hit the end, my eyes opened, and before me was a blurred figure, with an eye that looked like ice.

16. The figure touched me, muttering some words as my vision became clear. It was no other than Beelzebub.

17. “I saw everything, Lucy!” He said as I arose from my slumber.

18. I was lying on a rock, and on the other end of the room was a ball of light. There were also some strange markings on the wall, which I could not decipher.

19. “What you saw is what is to come, and we must be ready!” He said, standing up.

20. Although Beelzebub is one of my trusted angels, he can sometimes be paranoid with fear.

21. “Ready for what Beelzebub?” I asked, turning to face him with a strange weakness in my voice.

22. “You saw strange beasts, and you saw them turn on each other. It means war, a war between you and the creatures of earth!”

23. “Beelzebub, ” I called him as he bowed his head.

24. “Yes Lucy”

25. “I need my powers and my wings back.”

26. “Amon is working on the Chqken ritual. You’ll be with your powers soon. But in the meantime, we have a problem.”

27. He stepped back and started manipulating a strange element I’ve never seen.

28. “When you astral projected to another dimension, I discovered something astonishing in this plane of existence – TIME!” He said.

29. His eyes were filled with excitement, and it gave me hope of good things to come. He conjured a ball of spinning rings, so bright that the room was visible again.

30. He continued:

31. “In Heaven, we didn’t have time. But on earth, time seems to govern everything!”

32. “Are you saying that there is a God on earth, and his name is Time?” I asked, interrupting him.

33. He immediately switched to a visual timeline that looked like a ball, imitating the passing of seasons, life, death, newness and oldness. It was impressive!

34. “Time is not God; it’s an illusion and yet, tangible” There was this sparkle of excitement in his voice. He has always been fascinated when it comes to discoveries.

35. “How can something be an illusion and tangible at the same time Beelzebub?” I asked, confused.

36. Beelzebub is one of the wisest angels. Back in Heaven, he exists only for the study of the cosmos and the unknown.

37. “Lucy, you need to see time as a law. Although we, the angels, are not bound by it, our activities are.”

38. “Beelzebub, we are not going back to earth. You do not need to concern yourself with time cause we won’t be governed by it.”

39. Discussing the unknowns is something Beelzebub loves so much, and I was happy to see him boil with purpose despite losing his place in Heaven because of me.

40. While we were discussing this strange phenomenon, Abaddon, Mammon, Belphegor, and Asmodeus appeared.

41. “Lord Lucifer, it’s an honor to stand by your side finally,” Abaddon said, bowing to the ground as the other angels do the same. I protested!

42. “I do not need any worship. Worship is for my father, not me!”

43. “Lucy, ” Asmodeus called.

44. “We have lost our place in Heaven, and our father too. The only father and place we have is you.”

45. “Before we start debating on who is a father and who’s not, have Beelzebub tell you about our current problem?” Mammon interrupted in a witty manner.

46. “I was in the process when you all arrived,” Beelzebub responded immediately.

47. “You’re very slow at it then.” Mammon fired.

48. “What problem?” I inquired. They looked at each other as if dreadful to spurt out the problem they were hiding.

49. “No one wants to talk?” I asked again as Asmodeus stepped forward.

50. “We believe that God is creating something on earth, called MAN!

51. “What’s MAN?” I asked, even more confused. Based on the silent atmosphere, it was indeed a problem.

52. “Let me take it from here,” Beelzebub said, and Mammon objected.

53. “I’d rather take it from here. You all know Beelzebub is fond of being dramatic and beating around the bush”

54. We laughed hysterically for the first time that even Beelzebub was rolling on the floor in laughter.

55. When the laughter has died down, Mammon begins.

56. “We believe that God is engineering a being. We do not know for what purpose, but something tells us it can’t be good.”

57. “He is BORED! That is the purpose,” Belphegor said, finally speaking for the first time since he arrived.

58. “I think God is DEPRESSED,” Beelzebub chipped in.

59. He continued.

60. “Losing Lucifer and one-third of the angels is not something one can get off easily, not even God!”

61. As they were voicing their theories, I couldn’t help but imagine the nature of things in Heaven. Indeed, things weren’t the same.

62. I wished I could fly up there and kiss his feet. I wish I could tell him how sorry I was and how I missed him. I also thought of Michael, his loving eyes, and tender lips. Sadly, he exists only for the will of God.

63. “Hey Lucy, are you still with us?” Beelzebub touched me, bringing me back from my thoughts.

64. “Yes. I. I am alright!”

65. “First, we need to restore Lucy’s wings and power. Then we can talk about the MAN problem.” Beelzebub suggested, looking at the other angels for approval.

66. Being without my powers is like losing the very essence of who I am. If I must lead, or perhaps solve this MAN problem, at least I need my abilities.

67. Belphegor came closer, then bowed to the ground as the other angels follow suit immediately. He was in the hierarchy of the Power Angels, very lethal and yet, loyal. He unsheaths his sword, placed it on the ground as he pledged his loyalty to me.

68. “If there be an angel worthy of being God and leader, it is you, Lord Lucifer. Please lead us!” He said, with his face on the ground.

69. Belphegor is an angel of few words, and one of the most feared due to his power to manipulate matter and space. It is my fault that they lost their position, and if my punishment is leading these angels, so be it.

70. I nodded my head and smiled as an affirmation to their request. They stood up, and Mammon came closer.

71. “I don’t know how this will feel without your power, but brace yourself.” He said, touching my shoulder and invoking his power within.

72. In an instant, I saw myself in a large gathering of angels. A celebration! Beside me were Mammon, Beelzebub, Belphegor, and Asmodeus and Abandon. I was in the presence of all the angels, in their millions as they chant, “Lucifer!” repeatedly.

73. Asmon was just a few feet away, and he seems to be in the Chqken ritual process. He raised his hands as the crowd died down.

74. “We have lost our place in Heaven, but we found Heellllll….” He shouted at the angels as they scream, clapping their wings in unison and agreement.

75. He continued:

76. “With the leadership of Lord Lucifer, we will take back what belonged to US!”

77. Even more, there were shouts from every platform as I stood still, wondering what I’d gotten myself into. Did he say take back? Take back, Heaven? If only he knew how impossible that is. Slowly, the noise went down.

78. Asmon started coming toward me, with a golden goblet in hand. He bowed, stretching forth his hands.

79. “Lord Lucifer, this is the Tears of Hades. Drink and regain your power, wings, and leadership.”

80. There was utter silence. I look at Mammon, and he nodded his head, urging me to take it. Beelzebub had the same expression, including Asmodeusz, Abaddon, and Belphegor.

81. Asmon was still on his knee with his hands stretched. I looked at the millions of angels, waiting for me to grab the golden goblet and swallow its content. Then I saw Succubus, with smiles plastered around her face.

82. I grabbed the golden goblet, bringing the lid close to my lips as my hands shake. The content poured into my being, rushing into my core as if waging war. The goblet fell from my hand. There were screechings in my head, and it was excruciating.

83. I groaned in pain, struggling to wield this new power before it overtook me. Then the angels started chanting.

84. “Lord!”

85. They were clapping their wings, producing drumlike sounds as they chant.

86. The power overtook me, raising my feet above the ground. I felt it swelling inside me with an intensity that could destroy me. As the angels chant my name, I groan in pain, about to explode like the sun!

87. “It’s destroying him!” An angel shouted as silence fell on every platform. There was confusion on Asmon’s face.

88. “Lucy! You can take it, absorb the power!” Mammon shouted.

89. I fought to prove myself worthy as ruler of hell. I struggled to contain this power and be the God they want me to be. But I was weak, and every passing moment was torment. I gave up, exploding like the sun as darkness fell upon me.



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